A wage garnishment, also known as wage levy, is an aggressive collection method that allows IRS to collect the money directly from your paycheck to pay off your tax debt. The maximum they can collect is 80% per paycheck and your employer will be obligated by law to deduct the funds, which leaves very little for you to live on. Salary, bonuses, commissions, retirement and pensions earnings are just some of the examples that IRS can go after should you fail to pay off your debt.

However, the IRS would much rather work on the other payment arrangements then enforcing a garnishment on you. Tax relief experts at US Tax Shield can stop wage garnishment by putting a hold on the status of the tax levy. But before the IRS will consider any payment plan or tax settlement offer – you need to be compliant and up to date with your tax returns.

Although this may seem like an overwhelming task, the tax professionals at US Tax Shield will prepare and file your tax returns, getting you compliant and eligible to qualify for a tax settlement or a payment plan program. Our experts will deal with the IRS and obtain the best possible resolution for your particular tax situation, leading to tax debt relief and a peace of mind.

You Have a Right to Tax Representation

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