Price Protection Guarantee

At US Tax Shield Our Fee is Guaranteed*

What we quote is what you pay!


How can US Tax Shield offer a Price Protection Guarantee?

Simply put, when you call US Tax Shield your expert tax advisor will take the time – with our thorough and unmatched interview process – to precisely determine your IRS situation. This enables our highly trained advisors to establish exactly which program is best for you and what US Tax Shield will do to efficiently resolve your IRS problem.

Your advisor will then provide you with an up-front, guaranteed fee amount to take your case from start to finish.* Because US Tax Shield spends the time necessary to completely analyze your IRS case before quoting the fee, we will not come back to you later requiring additional funds to complete your IRS tax debt resolution (commonly known as an “up-sell”).

And US Tax Shield puts it in writing: Your quoted fee amount and Price Protection Guarantee is included in your Service Agreement.

We know you have choices – who will you entrust to solve your tax problems?


US Tax Shield makes it easy for you to decide with our Price Protection Guarantee, you can trust US Tax Shield to resolve your IRS problems as quickly and effectively as possible. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

US Tax Shield offers a solid understanding of IRS rules and regulations, combined with unrivaled experience and dedication to client care.

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A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau®

Client Review: “This company provides both business and individual clients a strategic, ethical and highly-effective approach to solving tax debt issues.”

* Price guarantee covers the fee required to resolve only the IRS tax debt disclosed during the initial interview process and does not include any tax debt solutions for any state taxing authorities and/or other governmental entities. The price guarantee covers only our service fee and does not include any filing fees, administrative cost, or actual tax payment or settlement amount to be paid to the IRS to resolve your issue.