Individual & Business Tax Relief Services

Tax relief services are designed to help taxpayers who have fallen behind on their tax payments or are already facing aggressive collection actions by the IRS or state tax agency. If you owe money to the IRS or State, US Tax Shield can help you turn your situation around whether personal or business.

It is important to understand that not all tax relief companies offer the type of assistance you truly need. Today, there are many questionable organizations that claim to offer “tax relief,” promising to eliminate 100% of your tax debt with the virtual click of a button (for a sizable fee, of course). But in reality, these companies are just out for your money and are not truly interested in helping you resolve your tax problem.

While it is certainly possible to settle your tax debt for less than the original amount owed, you should be wary of any company that makes a specific claim and that does not use experienced tax professionals to represent you during the tax settlement process. Only qualified tax professionals from a reputable tax relief company are authorized to enter into negotiations with the IRS on your behalf. Without the expertise of such a professional, you may never be able to properly address your tax debt and get the favorable tax settlement you need.

Let’s look at some of the ways that professional tax relief services from US Tax Shield can help you get back on your feet and moving in the right direction, and even help keep you there for years to come.

IRS Settlements & Payment Plans

If you are unable to pay your tax debt in full, you may qualify to have your debt settled for less than the full amount owed.

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Interest & Penalties

From the moment you miss your first tax deadline, you’ll likely start incurring penalties and interest from the IRS.

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Unfiled Tax Returns

Not filing required tax returns can be construed by the IRS as tax evasion, considered a criminal act.

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Wage Garnishment

If you owe the IRS and have ignored repeated letters and warnings, the IRS will likely use one of their most aggressive tax collection methods – wage levy, also known as wage garnishment to collect the amount you owe.

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Liens and Levies

A federal tax lien and account levies are additional aggressive actions the IRS will take to penalize you and collect the money you owe without you paying the IRS directly.

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941 Business Tax

The IRS is particularly aggressive when it comes to collecting on delinquent payroll taxes (IRS forms 940 and 941) from business owners.

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Audit Defense

Majority of audits are just a letter asking for more information about your tax returns, and you’re asked to mail back forms proving your income or deductions. In other cases you may get an invitation to meet with an agent to discuss your tax documents.

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Innocent Spouse

Couples filing joint returns are held equally responsible for the tax return and the payment of appropriate taxes.

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High Dollar Liabilities

When you have a tax liability in the seven figures, your account is assigned to a special unit called the ‘High Dollar Unit’. This division of the IRS is dedicated towards the collection of higher profile taxpayers and they have the means to seize your assets to pay off the liability.

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State Tax Debt

Individual states are often even more forceful than the IRS in their collection efforts, and they typically act more quickly too. State tax problems are separate from IRS obligations and will need to be addressed on their own..

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