When you receive notice or threat of IRS collection actions, you have the right to appeal to the IRS Office of Appeals. These collection actions include:

  • Federal tax lien
  • Seizure and sale of property
  • Intent to levy wages, retirement accounts, bank accounts, accounts receivable, etc.
  • Rejection, termination, or proposed termination of an installment agreement
  • Rejected Offer in Compromise
  • Proposed Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
  • Denied Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Claim
  • Denied request to abate penalties (such as, late payment, late filing, or deposit penalties)

You also have the right to professional representation to guide you through this complex process and ensure that you get the best possible outcome. US Tax Shield attorneys can file your appeal to stop an IRS lien, seizure, or levy and follow through with the appropriate procedures.

Depending on the notice you have received from the IRS or the collection actions being threatened, two main procedures are available, Collection Due Process (CDP) and Collection Appeals Program (CAP). Under these procedures, you have the right to a hearing, but your request must be made in a timely manner. Our experienced tax professionals have helped countless people just like you and will guide you through this process to ensure your best interests are being served.

You Have a Right to Tax Representation

If you have been contacted by the IRS or your state’s Department of Taxation, or have received tax liens, levies, or notices of IRS intention to do so, call 877-829-3535 today for your free 15 minute tax analysis and consultation and get IRS Help.