Today, in a tough economy many Americans are facing problems with back taxes and other tax issues. Facing the IRS (or state tax agencies) alone can be a long and frustrating process. Laws are constantly changing, there are mountains of endless paperwork, and taxpayers often find themselves running in circles. Having a tax professional by your side can ease your stress, and result in a faster and more favorable resolution of the problem. There are three types of tax professionals permitted to resolve tax problems with the IRS on behalf of taxpayers – tax attorneys, Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants. They can all help with tax problems but each profession has its own specialty and training.   When finding the right professional to turn to with tax problems, it’s very important to consider their experience and qualifications. Many professionals – even tax attorneys and CPA’s, do not have proper training in resolving problems with back-taxes and may not understand the complexities of the IRS and state tax collection systems. It is always best to talk to tax professionals that are currently practicing in the field with a proven record of success.   It is crucial to address problems with the IRS and state tax agencies as soon as they arise. Delaying, or even ignoring them completely, will only result in substantial penalties and interest. When getting help, it’s possible to ask a tax professional for a free consultation. They will explain the problem with possible solutions and expected results. There are different methods in dealing with tax problems, and tax professionals can help find the optimal solution for each situation.