In this economy many of us are falling behind on paying for our debts and taxes, and one of the more serious consequences is wage levy (garnishment). Wage garnishment means that a portion of your paycheck is automatically sent to debtors (including tax authorities) before you get it.

Many wonder about how to stop tax garnishments. Basically, if you have a tax problem, such as past due taxes, or unfiled returns, it will be difficult, but through communication and negotiation, these garnishments can be released or modified. This can be accomplished without having to pay the tax owing, and without immediately having to enter into a payment plan that you may not be able to afford.A skilled tax professional is the best person to consult if your wages have been garnished. To find out if we can help you, contact us for a free consultation at 877-829-3535 or on our website at We will get the facts and be able to advise you of the best way to resolve your very serious tax problems.It is important to note that wage garnishment is not a preferred way of debt collection for any agency. This procedure is very long and costly and therefore agencies prefer to make an arrangement with you before the situation escalates. Although there are ways to stop tax garnishments after they occur, it is best to meet the problem head on before the tax authorities are forced to seize bank accounts or are forced to take your wages.