How to Get the IRS Off Your Back

Tax ResolutionTax resolution is the answer to nearly any serious tax problem – whether you owe thousands of dollars in back taxes to the IRS or the government has already begun seizing your assets.

But in order for you to obtain that relief, you need to know the right steps to take.

If you fail to take action, or try to deal with the IRS yourself – without help from a tax professional – you could find yourself with even bigger problems.

  • Do you have a significant tax debt that you have been unable to pay?
  • Has your state or the IRS begun contacting you and threatening collection actions?
  • Is your tax debt growing even higher because of penalties and compounding interest?
  • Has the IRS already started their collection actions, taking money out of your paycheck or bank accounts?
  • Are you worried that your tax problems have spiraled out of control and that you could lose everything?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then now is the time to seek professional tax resolution services.

Even if you are at the very early stages of figuring out how to pay down your debt, and you haven’t received a notice yet, it’s important to act immediately. Similarly, even if the IRS has already taken action against you, or your previous representation could not achieve the outcome you had hoped for, it’s not too late to seek resolution.

No matter how big your tax problems are, you have choices, and you can fight back. Use the information below as a basic guide to some of the most common situations and how to get relief with the help of a professional tax lawyer.

Your Tax Resolution Options

If you owe a significant amount of back taxes, then chances are you fall into one or more of the situations listed below. Read through each tax resolution strategy to determine how you and your tax consultant could resolve the problem.

“I haven’t paid my taxes, and I can’t afford to.”

➤ If you owe back taxes, but are unable to pay them, then your tax professional may be able to reduce your debt with an “offer in compromise.”

➤ An offer in compromise is an agreement between you and the IRS that settles your debt for less than the full amount owed.

“Penalties are making it harder for me to pay off the debt.”

If the debt has become even more unmanageable because of penalties for your unpaid taxes, then your attorney may be able to make things easier through a penalty abatement.

➤ An experienced tax professional will work with the IRS on your behalf to negotiate the penalties, so that your total debt is reduced.

“The IRS is taking money out of my paychecks.”

➤ “Wage garnishment” is one of the aggressive collection strategies that the IRS uses to pay down your tax debt – without you paying them directly.

➤ If money is already being taken out of your paychecks, your tax professional can file an appeal to stop the wage garnishment and negotiate a better outcome in your favor.

“My spouse is responsible for our tax debt – not me!”

➤ If you filed a joint return, but your tax problems are the result of actions (or inaction) made by your spouse, then you may qualify for relief.

➤ Through “Innocent Spouse Relief,” you may qualify to have all of your tax, interest, and penalties relieved.

➤ Each type of relief has different requirements, so it’s important to have an experienced tax professional who can represent you and guide you to the best possible outcome.

“There is a lien on my property, and money is being taken out of my bank accounts.”

➤ Federal tax liens and account levies are another serious measure that the IRS uses to reclaim their funds and penalize delinquent taxpayers.

➤ Using a skilled attorney in this situation is crucial to reaching a tax resolution that can lift the lien or levies, and negotiate the best settlement for your financial situation.

Don’t see your problem listed here?

These are only a few of the common issues that many Americans are facing right now. There are many other scenarios, including unfilled tax returns, tax evasion, and delinquent payroll taxes.

Tax ResolutionIn each of these situations, it’s critical that you work with a professional tax professional who is skilled and experienced in the area of tax resolution.

Talk to the Tax Resolution Experts

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