If the IRS has placed a lien on you already, you have most likely been contacted from purported tax professionals promising that they can get the IRS to accept just a fraction of what they say you owe. We have written extensively about the con-men and con-women who disguise themselves as tax professionals and attempt to convince taxpayers that they can get their tax debts settled for a fraction of what they owe. Don’t believe it Buyer Beware… J.K. Harris Settles Fraud Charges with 18 States! You really need to watch out for when being solicited by tax resolution companies. Snake Oil Salesman and the Ninth Circle Unfortunately for you and thousands of other Americans, these snake-oil salesmen understand human nature better than they do the tax laws. They know that people who are frightened and vulnerable will often latch on to any thread of hope no matter how preposterous or false it is. What you Need to Hear Not What you Want to Hear In difficult times you need to hear the truth more than ever because your financial and psychological well-being depends on getting accurate information and acting on it. And with respect to IRS Settlements, the truth is that the great majority of delinquent taxpayers will not qualify for an Offer in Compromise on their own accord. And if you do file an Offer that is returned or rejected, you will have only made matters worse: First, you will have incurred additional interest accumulations making it more difficult to get favorable terms with an IRS Installment Agreement; Second, the statute of limitations on collection will have been extended for at least one year; and Finally, you will be have lost the preciously needed funds you paid to to have the offer prepared and filed. A Detailed Analysis Must be Done Before Recommending the Filing of an Offer A competent, diligent and ethical tax professional will want to conduct a detailed examination of your assets, liabilities, income and expenses before giving you an opinion as to whether or not it is likely that the IRS will accept a lesser amount than what you owe. Anyone who tells you they can achieve this result without first asking you for this information is either incompetent, insane or iniquitous.   You Have a Right to Tax Representation If you have been contacted by the IRS or your state’s Department of Taxation, or have received tax liens, levies or notices of IRS intention to do so,

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