Tax Consultant PaperworkAn experienced tax consultant is perhaps your single most powerful resource for obtaining tax debt relief.

If you owe back taxes, a good tax professional can deal with the IRS on your behalf, potentially reduce the amount you owe by thousands of dollars, and help you get your financial situation back on track.

But with so many options out there, you need to be sure you work with the right person. By asking some simple questions during your initial conversation, you can ensure that you’ll get the exact level of help you need.

What To Ask A Tax Consultant

As you begin your search for tax consultants, here are some of the key questions you may want to ask.

Keep in mind that each person’s situation is unique, so not all questions will be applicable to your specific problem. But by being prepared with a variety of questions, you’ll be able to quickly determine if the person is a good fit for you. And if you decide to move forward, you’ll also know exactly what to expect from the process.

1) How can you help me? This question may seem obvious, but it’s one of the most crucial things you’ll need to ask – and you should look for a clear, straightforward answer.

A good tax professional will ask pointed questions about your tax problems: how much you owe, how long you’ve owed it, what steps you’ve taken to resolve the problem in the past, what your current income is, and so on. The consultant will use these answers to help determine which tax relief solutions are right for you.

Before you get off the phone, make sure you know exactly which methods would be used to resolve your problems and how.

2) Can my tax debt be settled? Depending on your situation, you may be able to have your tax debt reduced dramatically – but there are a variety of factors that will determine this.

For example, some people are only able to reverse IRS penalties and interest that has grown on their tax debt. Others, who have no means of paying off the debt, may qualify for an “offer in compromise,” which would settle the debt for much less than the original amount owed.

After speaking with a tax advisor, you should have a good understanding of your potential to reduce your back taxes, and if so, by how much.

3) The IRS is already coming after me. Can you stop it? If the IRS is threatening their collection methods, or has already taken action against you, then you have a right to seek representation immediately. A tax relief specialist can potentially help you reverse these actions or mitigate the problem – but you must act quickly. The sooner you act, the better.

4) My spouse is responsible for our debt problems. Can I be relieved? If you believe you are not responsible for tax debts related to a jointly filed return, then you may qualify for relief.

Ask the consultant specifically about innocent spouse relief, separation of liability relief, and equitable relief, each of which has different requirements. Depending on your circumstances, you may qualify to be relieved of some of your IRS tax debt and associated penalties.

How much taxes do i owe5) Have you helped others with situations similar to mine? Every situation is different, but you’ll want to make sure that your attorney has experience tackling tax problems that are similar to yours. Ask about previous cases and outcomes to verify that their solutions have worked for others.

6) How quickly can I expect a resolution?

The estimated time for resolving common tax problems varies greatly and depends on the specific program you are eligible for. However, once the consultant has identified the course of action for your situation, they should be able to provide a general estimate of the time frame.

The important thing here is making sure that the tax consultant at least attempts to give you an answer. Never choose to ignore your tax problem just because you think the solution isn’t fast enough.

7) How much will it cost? You already have significant debt. The last thing you want is to make that burden even greater, or to get hit with hidden attorney fees and other costs.

Before you start working with a tax consultant, make sure you have a clear understanding of the total cost. Watch out for firms that try to surprise you with additional fees and “up-sell” charges. Get a straightforward rate, right from the beginning.

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