How do you know when you need to find a tax lawyer in Los Angeles?

A tax lawyer in Los Angeles specializes in the very complex field of tax law. You can’t just call any lawyer to handle tax problems.


Certainly, you will need a tax lawyer in Los Angeles if you intend to file a lawsuit against the I.R.S. There are several other situations where finding a tax lawyer is advisable, such as if you are facing criminal charges for tax evasion or facing criminal charges for filing false claims, or if the amount of money involved is so significant that it could result in you having to file bankruptcy or lose your life savings. Those are all serious situations that warrant contacting a tax lawyer. If you have an I.R.S. case that is going to go to the tax courts, you will want to find a tax lawyer in Los Angeles.


There are many other tax situations where you may not be sure if you need a Tax Lawyer in Los Angeles. We have a team at US Tax Shield that includes CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Tax Advisors and Paralegals who are experienced and knowledgeable about tax problems. We can have our team at US Tax Shield evaluate your situation, advise you and offer our knowledge and expertise to find a way to get you back in good standing with the I.R.S. If you need a tax lawyer we can advise you of that as well.


If you are facing tax liens, levies, garnishments or penalties and interest on delinquent taxes we may be able to help you without having to find a Tax Lawyer in Los Angeles. These are all very serious situations and require help from someone who knows how to work with the I.R.S. to appeal a ruling, file an Offer in Compromise, claim innocent spouse status, stop a lien, levy or garnishment or find other ways to prevent serious collection action by the I.R.S.


Contact us immediately and get the help you need to solve your tax problems. We can tell you if you need to find a Tax Lawyer in Los Angeles.


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