If you are searching for any type of IRS tax relief, then chances are you’re alreadyPicture of Tax Forms facing a dire situation. You owe money to the government. You can’t afford your tax bill. You’re receiving notices or phone calls with threats of wage garnishment or even seizure of your property.

It’s a stressful, frustrating situation that many Americans face every month, all over the United States. But it’s important to realize that you do have options.

By taking the right steps now, you could resolve your biggest tax problems, protect your assets, potentially reduce what you owe or even reverse some of the actions that have already been taken against you.

Getting IRS tax relief can be relatively simple and straightforward, but you have to take the appropriate steps.

Here’s what you need to do first:

Seeking IRS Tax Relief


1) Take action immediately. The crucial first step to addressing your tax problems is to do something about it – now. The longer you wait, the worse your problems will get. IRS penalties can turn the smallest delinquent tax debt into an extremely unmanageable bill. If you don’t take action now, then it will only snowball into a much worse situation. Don’t put it off. Seek IRS tax relief immediately.

2) Speak to a tax professional. When dealing with the IRS, collection agencies, or lawyers, it’s critical that you have an expert to represent you and help guide you to a solution. Experienced tax professionals know how to address a wide variety of situations and they can communicate with the IRS on your behalf to reduce your debt or reach other solutions. Addressing the situation by yourself – without any expertise in tax law or IRS tax relief – is not recommended and could cost you.

An experienced tax relief firm, such as US Tax Shield, will offer a free initial tax analysis and consultation to help answer some of your immediate questions and determine the best course of action. Call 877-829-3535 to speak to a professional right away.

3) Understand your options. Each person’s tax problems are unique to their individual situation. However, chances are that your problems fall into one or several common categories. Unpaid tax debt, mounting penalties, confusing appeals processes, tax liens, seizure of property, “innocent spouse,” unpaid payroll taxes – these are some of the most frequent problems, and each one requires a unique solution.

This is why it’s so important to work with a tax professional that can dig into your individual situation, discuss your options and outline the best strategy for addressing the problem.

Young Woman Filing For IRS Tax Relief4) Follow through and be patient. Once you have begun working with a competent tax professional, they will begin the necessary process for achieving the solution you are seeking. While some solutions can be achieved faster than others, it’s important that you remain cooperative, allow the professionals to handle the situation appropriately and be patient.

Seeking IRS tax relief is a lot easier and smoother when you remove emotion from the equation and let the professionals take care of you.

Experts in IRS Tax Relief


If you need relief for your tax problems, US Tax Shield is ready to help. Our highly qualified tax attorneys have extensive experience in a wide range of tax problems, and we can help you seek the right solutions for your situation.

Have peace of mind by letting our professionals represent you fairly and guide you through the process, ensuring that you get the best outcome possible. Call us at 877-829-3535 for a free 15-minute tax analysis and consultation.