Picture of couple working with a tax relief attorneyA tax relief attorney is your best defense against the tough methods used by the IRS to collect unpaid back taxes.

If you have a significant amount of tax debt that is putting a heavy weight on your shoulders and causing a lot of stress in your life, then it’s important to act immediately.

A good lawyer can help stop the IRS from harassing you and fight on your behalf to have your debt resolved.

Why should you use a tax relief attorney?


Knowledge of tax laws and your rights as a taxpayer A good tax relief attorney has extensive education in tax law. They know the exact procedures that need to be followed to achieve resolution, and they have a deep understanding of your rights. If you try to solve your tax problems on your own without this knowledge, you could end up making your situation even worse.

Wide range of experience Each person’s situation is unique and has its own obstacles. With a wide range of experience tackling tax problems of all kinds, a professional tax lawyer knows how to treat each scenario and will guide you along the appropriate steps for your specific situation.

Potential debt reduction Depending on your situation, your attorney will likely try to have your tax debt reduced. By negotiating with the IRS on your behalf, they could potentially save you thousands of dollars by settling your debt for less than the amount you owe. If you meet certain criteria, your lawyer will submit an “Offer in Compromise” to the IRS, which could lower your total debt significantly.

Complete or partial removal of penalty fees and interest Penalties and compounding interest can make up a huge chunk of your tax debt – and they will only get bigger if you ignore the situation. A tax relief attorney will fight to have those penalties reduced or erased altogether, making your debt more manageable.

Tax Consultant PaperworkPayroll tax representation for businesses If you are a business-owner who has failed to pay the IRS for taxes that were withheld from employees’ paychecks, you could face serious consequences if you don’t take action.

A tax lawyer will represent you professionally and take steps to protect your business and your assets.

Appeal to IRS-related outcomes Whether you’ve been dealing with the IRS yourself, or you used other representation, you have a right to appeal any outcome that you believe is less than fair. A professional tax attorney will go before the IRS Appeals Division to fight for a satisfactory resolution in your favor.

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