How To Fix Your Tax Problems And Get The IRS Off Your Back


If you owe back taxes to the IRS, there are several forms of tax debt help that could assist you in turning your situation around. However, it’s important that you take action as swiftly as possible.

Back Taxes Help | Young Woman Working On TaxesThe longer you wait to address your tax problems, the worse your situation will become. Your debt alone can be a heavy and stressful burden – but it will only grow larger over time. The IRS will automatically hit you with penalty fees and compounding interest on the balance, increasing your total obligation and making it even more difficult to pay back.

If you continue to do nothing, the IRS will eventually take the matter into their own hands, attempting to collect your back taxes any way they can.

By law, the IRS can:

Take money directly out of your paychecks (known as wage garnishment)

➜ Collect funds directly out of your financial accounts, including checking, savings or retirement accounts

➜ Place a federal tax lien on your property, making it very difficult to obtain credit of any kind – including loans to pay off your tax debt

➜ Levy, seize or sell any type of personal property that you own or have interest in

If you’ve experienced any of these actions, then you know how frustrating and debilitating the situation can become.

But regardless of how bad things have already gotten, you still have options. By seeking tax debt help from skilled professionals, you could put a stop to the IRS’s aggressive collections methods and potentially settle your debt for less than the full amount owed.

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How Tax Debt Help Could Turn Things Around

Can’t pay your debt?

If you are unable to pay your tax in full, tax settlement may be an option. Your tax professional will submit an offer in compromise, negotiating with the IRS on your behalf to have your debt reduced.

complete tax relief guidePenalties making it harder to pay?

Tax debt penalties and interest can make up to 25% of your total amount due. Your tax advisor will take steps to have those penalties abated, making your debt more manageable.

IRS taking money from your accounts?

Your tax professional will put a stop to collections (and the threats) and find a resolution, so you can finally get back on your feet.

Need representation in court?

Having professional representation is crucial to seeking a resolution in your favor, especially in circumstances that surround serious delinquencies, or for example, businesses that have failed to pay employees’ withheld payroll taxes.


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