Did you get a letter from the I.R.S and are looking for tax relief in Dallas?

Many of us have had the same experience, a letter from the I.R.S. in your mailbox. If you are lucky they want a small check, a signature or maybe a document. If you are not particularly lucky you may have an audit in your future. An I.R.S. audit is time consuming, nerve wracking and stressful. With the maze of tax laws, regulations and tax rulings it is hard to know for sure how an audit will turn out even if you have worked diligently to file your taxes correctly. You may be looking for tax relief in Dallas.


If you already have an I.R.S. case and have been dealing with them for some time, your letter from the I.R.S. may be a notice of more severe collection action such as a notice of garnishment, liens or levies from the I.R.S. Tax relief is available in Dallas to help you with whatever is happening between you and the I.R.S. US Tax Shield has a team of knowledgeable experts including CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Tax Advisors and Paralegals who can work on your behalf with the I.R.S.


Maybe your letter from the I.R.S. is advising you of tax penalties and interest on delinquent taxes. Tax penalties and interest can turn a small tax bill into a huge tax bill. You need to take action immediately to get tax relief in Dallas. If you think credit card interest is abusive it pales in comparison with penalties and interest from the I.R.S. You need help to stop the penalties and interest and we have a knowledgeable team who know the I.R. S rules and processes. We can turn this around for you and get you back in good standing.


If you letter from the I.R.S. is a notice of garnishment or levies, your bank accounts can be seized by the I.R.S. in a matter of days. If it is notice of garnishment can end up with a small amount of your pay, for living expenses and the I.R.S. will take the rest until the tax bill is paid. You need to find tax relief in Dallas right away. Call us immediately so we can help you to stop this action and help you resolve your tax issues.


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