There is a certain point when you are dealing with the IRS, when you need to have a tax lawyer. A tax lawyer in Dallas can make all the difference in the outcome of your tax dispute. When you have not filed a past due tax return, it can be viewed by the IRS as tax evasion. It is very important to understand that criminal penalties apply for tax evasion, with as much as one year in prison for every year you have not filed a tax return. You may have a very good reason for not filing a tax return, but whatever the reason it is a very serious matter and can cost you your freedom. You have a right to file your tax returns, no matter how overdue. It is important to understand that filing overdue returns needs to be handled properly by experience professionals to prevent negative consequences. You do not want the IRS to file your tax returns for you because you will get only standard deductions and one personal exemption. You will lose any other deductions or credits against your tax bill that you may otherwise be able to claim. Another situation where you may need a tax lawyer in Dallas is when you are being accused of tax fraud. This is another very serious charge that is considered criminal and is punishable by prison time. Contact us for a free consultation at 877-829-3535 or on our website at We will get the facts and be able to advise you of the best way to resolve your very serious tax problems.