Tax Deductions for Law EnforcementEven though law enforcement officers are government employees, they still face steep out-of-pocket expenses each year. What many law officials do not know is that these costs are tax deductible, and it only takes the right tax attorney to help them save money.

A knowledgeable tax specialist will know all of the common tax deductions to which law enforcement personnel are entitled, plus some of the tax nuances that are overlooked by less knowledgeable tax professionals.

If you are currently facing steep fines and penalties because you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money, make be sure to meet with a tax resolution lawyer immediately. A resolution attorney could save you time and money.

Below are a few common tax deductions that your tax specialist may discuss with you, if you have further questions, contact U.S. Tax Shield today.

Equipment Deductions

Equipment deductions are an area of tax saving which law enforcement officials forget about. If you are not deducting the weapons you use on duty, rain gear, boots, off-duty weapons, flashlights, batteries, cell phones, or coats, it is time you start. The gear you use on the job, as well as the items you buy to help you better prepare you for your line of work, can be deducted and save you lots of money.

Uniform Deductions

If you have ever been a law enforcement officer, you know that buying uniforms and maintaining them is a significant expense out of your pay each month. Tax deductions go beyond the uniform itself or the regular dry cleaning. It extends to patches, shoes, sunglasses, watches, haircuts and coats.

Uniform deductions alone can add up to be significant tax savings, and have saved many law enforcement officials thousands of dollars.

Training Deductions

Do you make investments to improve your performance and your job skills, or are you required to attend classes to retain employment status? If so, you can deduct these expenses from your taxes. For example, if you attended a work-related event, you are able to deduct expense of the event, the travel, food, and hotel accommodations. Additionally, if you attend classes at college or a local school, you can deduct tuition, books and other school-related supplies.

Finding the Right Tax Talent

Finding an experienced tax resolution specialist may be your biggest money-saving solution. A tax expert will know all of the ins and outs of tax laws, and they can start saving you money in a matter of minutes. Finding a tax preparer that suites your needs is paramount.

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