A long term friend or ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, has been given 100 years to pay thousands of dollars in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The longtime crony, Derrick Miler, has been ordered by Judge Nancy Edmunds, to pay back his tax debts in monthly installments of $200, until is $240,000 debt is cleared.

Miller’s attorney Byron Pitts, told WWJ’s Stephanie Davis, “We accept as we did her sentence, we accept her ruling regarding restitution with humility and grace and plan to abide by it . . . We feel the judge’s ruling was fair,” said Pitts. “My client and I both feel that Judge Edmunds has been extraordinarily fair.”

Miller is 44 years old and was a high school classmate and friend of Kilpatrick, who previously was Detroit’s chief administrative officer.

“Miller, who was a key witness for the prosecution in Kilpatrick’s corruption trial pleaded guilty to accepting kickbacks and failing to report thousands of kickback cash on his tax return,” reports CBS Detroit.

The judge sentenced Miller to 12 months in a ‘halfway house’, and the bureau of prisons will determine his placement. According to Pitts, Miller is working, but declined to give any details about where.

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