Up until now, we’ve kept you up to date with all things relevant to the struggling taxpayer via this blog on our corporate site. But now we’re excited to announce that we’ve created an entirely new website on the latest news from the IRS and the tax relief industry: Prime Tax Relief.

The Prime Tax Relief blog will include examples of individuals and corporations from across the nation who are struggling with taxes and the IRS, the costs and penalties that stem from not settling IRS cases, and information on new IRS programs/policies (as well as any adjustments made to existing ones).

By shifting this valuable content to its own space, we can refocus this blog on information about the company, our employees and illustrations of our services – much more suited for a corporate blog.

Prime Tax Relief does not require readers to register, but does allow you to subscribe to a weekly compilation of the latest posts that will be sent to a personal email for convenience.

Visit the new site at www.primetaxrelief.com today and have a look around!