Many new businesses don’t hire the services of a licensed tax professional and instead choose to handle the matter on their own without knowing that business tax and personal tax are different. An entrepreneur puts themself at risk of being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. They can end up owing massive penalties for the mistakes on their tax return. To avoid the headaches and stress of IRS penalties, hiring a licensed tax professional to deal with the taxes and negotiate an arrangement with the Internal Revenue Service is a wise choice. A licensed tax professional can help to prevent the mistakes many new businesses make and resolve their issues with the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is very strict when it comes to little mistakes and an audit can occur if they find any errors or inconsistencies. Heavy penalties can be imposed and in cases of willful omissions jail time can be handed out. To prevent this from happening, seeking the services of a licensed tax professional to be there during the audit can help reach a resolution with a swift settlement. Some business owners travel several months out of the year. There are many different laws in paying taxes for each state, but a licensed tax professional can handle this no matter where the business owner is traveling.Deductions and exemptions help reduce taxes especially when running a small business. This helps to save working capital to expand business operations. The service of a licensed tax professional is to make sure that deductions and exemptions are applied appropriately will keep new and small businesses compliant from the Internal Revenue Service.Tax professionals make sure that all documents are in order before filling or before an audit. Hiring a tax professional to handle business taxes and negotiation is a smart way to go if things go awry before, during and after filing small or new business taxes.