Trying to find a job can take a really long time, especially in this economy. Unemployment can really only help so much, but you must realize that the job hunt itself can be a useful source of tax relief.
Many creative professionals are forming businesses instead of simply claiming miscellaneous expenses. They can start a business and work for someone else. You want to make absolutely sure that you think about taking down all of your expenses in order to get some good tax relief.


Contractors can deduct expenses that will help in career planning as they won’t always be seeking full time positions. It’s a little easier to get contract positions than always looking for something more permanent. There are always more opportunities than one might think.


Teaming up with others to run a company can give you the much needed support to make this more than simply paperwork. Don’t be concerned about the inability to secure useful side jobs and making a little extra income. So many people have created incredible businesses just from side gigs while on a mission to secure a more “traditional” job.It is getting much harder every year to maintain the life of a traditional, “stable” job. It is wise to consider starting your own small business, if not just to make extra money, but at the very least, to get some relevant and helpful tax relief.