If one wants to handle their own taxes, it is very important that they to be familiar with tax law. Seeking the assistance of a tax attorney to help file tax returns is a smart way to avoid getting into trouble with the IRS. Tax law is highly complex and a specialized tax attorney is often needed in order to help one benefit from the deductions and exemptions found in many of the clauses in tax law. A tax attorney can help facilitate a smooth filing and assist in utilizing these clauses in which most citizens are highly unfamiliar. There are numerous tax attorneys that are qualified, but it is wise to research and seek out the best tax attorney best suited to your taxes. How can an IRS tax attorney help you? • Assistance and advice when audited by the IRS. • Contracts and mergers as well as your investments. • Prevention of wage garnishment and bank levies. • Negotiate for tax relief.One can always represent themselves if they do not want to hire an IRS tax attorney. However, they must face the consequences if their tax issues worsen and the IRS inquires about finances. It is often recommended to seek out the service of a tax attorney when dealing with auditing and any tax issues one is unsure or unfamiliar with. Having a tax attorney creates a huge advantage in resolving tax problems. Their knowledge and experience is worth every penny.It is of great benefit to have a tax attorney for guidance and protection from the IRS. They will make sure that their clients are clear on what to do in handling their taxes as well as ensuring that their rights are properly protected and that no violations occur during the audit. Hiring a tax attorney that one can trust is of great importance in protecting the security of their investments and finances.Once a tax attorney is hired, a client-lawyer agreement is established. This means that what is disclosed to the tax attorney will be confidential and cannot be used by the IRS. Your secrets will be safe with the right IRS tax attorney!