The Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigation division has made investigating tax fraud and other financial crimes a top priority this year. This is particularly the case for the Newark Field Office in New Jersey.

IRS Criminal Investigation agents regulate taxpayers and enforce overall compliance goals. These special agents focus on various types of cases – legal source, illegal source and narcotics/terrorist financing-however, legal source cases are the most common of tax crime and fraud. These cases involve U.S. taxpayers who earn income and work legally, but willfully choose to evade taxes.

There have been numerous legal source tax cases in New Jersey in the past month alone – we wrote about a local lawyer who was charged with multiple counts of tax evasion last week – a sign that the IRS is cracking down. Victor W. Lessoff, special agent in charge of IRS Criminal Investigations in the Newark Field office stresses that “the prosecution of these individuals is a vital element in fostering confidence in our tax system and compliance with the law.”

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