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Getting help from a tax lawyer is a crucial first step to taking control of your tax debt.Regardless of the amount of back taxes you owe, your situation will only deteriorate if you let your debt continue to go unpaid. And unless you have vast knowledge on tax laws or the process of appeals to the IRS, then trying to tackle the problem yourself will only make things worse.

What Happens When You Don’t Use A Qualified Lawyer:

  • If you don’t pay your back taxes, your debt will only get bigger. The IRS will penalize you with fees up to 25% of the total amount owed, as well as compounding interest. This can turn even a relatively small tax obligation into a huge debt in a short amount of time.
  • The IRS can take money directly out of your paycheck. If you continue to fail to pay your back taxes, and you do not have a tax lawyer to help solve the problem, then the IRS will eventually attempt to collect these funds through your employer. Through wage garnishment, your employer will be forced to deduct up to 80% of your wages to pay the IRS – and you will have no control over this.
  • Your checking, savings or retirement accounts could be levied. Account levies are another aggressive collection action that the IRS uses to get their money. If you continue to fail to respond to IRS notices, the IRS can seize cash directly from your bank accounts, in addition to garnishing your wages.
  • You could be subject to a federal tax lien. A federal tax lien is tantamount to freezing your access to credit or any type of financing through a bank. It appears directly on your credit report, making it virtually impossible for you to obtain a loan for any purpose or even refinance your home until the lien is lifted.
  • -Property and assets could be seized. Seizure and sale of property is another aggressive action used by the IRS to attempt to recover unpaid funds. If you owe back taxes and you make no attempt to resolve the problem, then your assets are at risk.
  • Dealing with the IRS yourself could make things worse. Attempting to negotiate or appeal IRS decisions is not easy for the average individual. It is a complex process that can cause further stress and negative outcomes if you don’t have the assistance of an experienced tax lawyer.

By seeking the help of a professional tax attorney, you can stop the IRS from coming after you and potentially reduce your debt by thousands of dollars.The question is: how do you find the right person for you?

Use the information below as a quick guide to finding a great tax lawyer who can help you turn your situation around.

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Tips For Finding A Qualified Tax Lawyer


  1. Look for extensive experience. When it comes to tax law, experience is everything. One simple way to ensure you are working with a qualified professional is to look at their credentials. Make sure they have significant experience helping obtain tax relief for others who have faced situations similar to yours.

  3. Verify the exact tax relief services offered. Not all tax relief firms are made equal. Make sure your tax lawyer can help you with the exact problem you’re facing. For example, some lawyers may deal exclusively with tax debt settlement while others offer a comprehensive array of solutions for every tax problem. Make sure you’re getting all the relief you deserve.

  5. Ask for testimonials, references and other evidence of successful outcomes. One of the best ways to judge the skills and expertise of a tax professional is to ask for proven results. Ask to see testimonials, references or other materials that show the attorneys have been successful in providing their solutions to others.

  7. Check the company’s BBB rating. If you are dealing with a tax relief company, check their rating with the Better Business Bureau. This is one of the premier resources for verifying the credibility of nearly any business and checking for customer complaints.

  9. Request a free consultation. A good tax lawyer will allow you to get your initial questions answered before making a payment of any kind. Look for companies that offer a free consultation to determine exactly which program is best for you.