Are you being threatened by the I.R.S. with garnishments or levies? Did you get an unfavorable outcome in a case with the I.R.S.? Are you the innocent spouse and being held accountable for someone else’s tax bill? Do you have a tax bill you can’t possibly pay?

If this is happening to you, you need tax relief in New York!


The first thing you need to do is find people who know how to work with the I.R.S. When you are facing garnishment, liens, levies, tax penalties and interest on back taxes, these are very serious problems. You want Tax Advisors and Paralegals who can work with you, work with the I.R.S. and get you back in good standing.


A notice of garnishment or levy means that you are days away from the I.R.S. seizing your bank account or taking your paycheck and leaving you with a small amount of money to cover your expenses. You need tax relief in New York now, don’t delay. Call us immediately so we can help you to stop the tax collection action and get back in good standing with the I.R.S. If you are facing penalties and interest on back taxes even a small tax bill can skyrocket in a very short period of time, you need to contact us immediately to find a solution to the penalties and interest and prevent a much bigger tax bill that will be even more difficult to pay.


Tax relief in New York can help you with an I.R.S. appeal. If the outcome of your case is not fair and equitable we know how to appeal your case and will work with you to make that happen for you. Contact us immediately and get our skilled and knowledgeable team on your side.


We can find ways to give you tax relief in New York, through innocent spouse, offer in compromise, tax amnesty or resolution of delinquent payroll taxes.


For tax relief in New York, call today and set up an appointment and let us help you solve your tax problems.