Facing the IRS alone is scary, frustrating and confusing. There are so many complicated rules and so much bureaucracy that you can easily spend all of your time just trying to deal with the red tape without resolving your problems. You need professionals who understand the rules and know how to deal with the IRS. You need tax relief in Atlanta.
If you have had an IRS audit or tax case and are unhappy with the outcome or feel it is unfair, we can appeal the decision for you if that is the best option available. We have skilled, knowledgeable professionals on our staff at US Tax Shield that can listen, get the details and give you choices about ways to resolve your tax problems. There are many approaches to resolving a tax dispute including appeals, Innocent Spouse, Offer in Compromise and others solutions depending on your situation. If you have been notified of levy or garnishment by the IRS, call us today. Levy or garnishment means the IRS is days away from seizing your bank account or taking your paycheck and leaving you with a small portion of your pay to cover your living expenses. If you have a business they can notify your customers to pay the IRS instead of you. We can help you through this difficult situation and get you the tax relief you need in Atlanta. We have a free consultation available so we can get the details of your situation and offer you some solutions to your tax problems. Contact US Tax Shield at 877-829-3535 through our website at https://www.ustaxshield.com