If you have unpaid back taxes, tax penalties can turn a smaller tax bill into a tax bill that you can’t possibly pay. When the I.R.S. adds tax penalties and interest onto your tax bill the amount can skyrocket very quickly. You will even have to pay tax penalties on previous penalties and interest.

You may be eligible for a number of solutions to your problem. If you have what you believe is an unfair outcome of a tax hearing you may be able to get an appeal and a tax settlement for a fair and equitable amount. If you failed to file taxes for a number of years you may be eligible for tax amnesty. If the amount of your tax bill is already too large for you to pay you may be eligible for an Offer in Compromise. All of these can reduce your tax bill and delay assessment of tax penalties. You need someone who understands your options, who can advise you and negotiate with the I.R.S. for you. You need to take advantage of the solutions that work in your favor. Most of all you need to prevent the tax penalties. It is important that you find people who are knowledgeable about I.R.S. rules and options, who can act in your best interest. We have CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Tax Advisors and Paralegals who can work with you, work with the I.R. S and get you back in good standing for the least amount of money possible. Tax problems with the I.R.S. can consume your life and cause you problems that will take years to fix. When you are facing tax penalties and interest on back taxes, even a small tax bill can explode in a very short period of time into a tax bill that is impossible for you to pay. Contact us immediately for a consultation so you know your options. We can help you with any of the filings and appeals, prevent bigger problems and save you thousands of dollars in tax penalties.