I.R.S. tax liens are very serious. The I.R.S. puts a lien on your property so that you cannot sell your property and you cannot borrow against your property. An I.R.S. tax lien is also filed with the county clerk where the property is located so that it becomes public record. This means that the I.R.S. tax lien becomes part of your credit report and can damage your credit to the point where you cannot borrow money, even to clear the tax lien. A tax lien puts you in an impossible situation where you can’t even take action to resolve the I.R.S. tax lien.

You need to know your options and you need to prevent the I.R.S. tax lien until you can resolve your tax problem. You may have had an unfair outcome of a tax hearing. If so, you may be able to get an appeal and a tax settlement for a fair and equitable amount. You may have failed to file taxes for a number of years. If so, you may be eligible for tax amnesty. If the amount you owe in taxes is more than you can pay now, or in the future, you may be eligible for an Offer in Compromise. If you are the innocent spouse, you may be able to absolve yourself of liability for the owed taxes through an appeal. You need to find professionals who understand the I.R.S. rules, who can act in your best interest and find solutions to get you back in good standing with the I.R.S. and prevent the I.R.S. tax lien. When you know your options you can make choices that provide you with the best possible outcome. We have knowledgeable people who can work with you, work with the I.R.S. and get you back in good standing for the least amount of money possible and we will work hard to prevent an I.R.S. tax lien. Tax problems with the I.R.S. can make your life miserable and ruin your credit so that it takes years to solve the problem and restore your credit rating. Contact us for a free consultation. We will assess your situation and let you know your options. If you have been notified of an I.R.S. tax lien, call us today. We may be able to clear the tax lien and save you thousands of dollars.