Tax evasion penalty is a very serious problem. If you have failed to file tax returns, the I.R.S. can file Substitute for Return (SFR) tax returns; of course what they file will be in favor of the I.R.S. SFRs tax returns will give you only standard deductions and one personal exemption. In addition, failure to file tax returns can be construed as tax evasion and that comes with significant penalties which can include criminal charges punishable by a prison sentence for each year the return is not filed. You will want to file your own tax returns so you can get deductions for your home interest, exemptions for your spouse and children, business expenses, property taxes, etc. Even if you own taxes that you cannot pay you need to file your tax returns to prevent criminal charges and imprisonment. With a situation as serious as Tax Evasion penaltyyou want the best people you can find to be on your side. We have CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Tax Advisors and Paralegals who can work with you, work with the I.R. S and get you back in good standing with the I.R.S. Our skilled professionals know how to find solutions to your tax problems and they can work effectively with the I.R.S. Depending on your situation we may be able to help you resolve your tax bill for far less than the total tax you owe.Contact us today and get our team of experts working for you. Wouldn’t it be a relief to have your tax problems resolved and not have to worry about Tax Evasion penalty or other extreme collection actions such as liens, levies, garnishments, penalties and interest which can all make your tax bill much more difficult to pay?If you have failed to file your tax returns and are being threatened with a Tax Evasion Penalty, contact US Tax Shield today, set up an appointment and let us help you with your tax problems.