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Make Payroll Taxes a Prime Concern for Your Business

If you own a small business, you understand the sacrifices you have to make when business slows down. Many business owners reach a point where they purposefully neglect to hand over collected payroll taxes to the IRS because of this. If you are faced with the decision keep the lights on, you may have been [...]

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Summer Workers Watch For Employer Tax Crimes

Each summer, many students and young adults search for part-time employment. In fact, this year the youth labor force grew by more than 2 million. Annually, from April to July, enormous amounts of high school and college students look for summer jobs, and many graduates enter the labor market to look for long-term employment. If [...]

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IRS Offer In Compromise . . . Everything You Need To Know

Each year, thousands of Americans face Internal Revenue Service (IRS) debts that they did not even know they incurred. Experiencing this can be frustrating and confusing for many people. While there are many components to exposing oneself to IRS debt, and even more ways to pay Uncle Sam, the Offer In Compromise (OIC) is one of those [...]

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IRS: Leasing Organizations Liable for Payroll Taxes

Does it seem like the Internal Revenue Service is constantly changing the details in the tax code? If you think so, then you will not be surprised that the IRS recently changed the way businesses control their payroll taxes. Reported in a Business Management Daily article, the IRS publicized new regulations that leasing organizations might [...]

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Tax Advice for First-Time Workers (AKA Students with Summer Jobs)

If you just landed a summer job for the first time, congratulations are in order. Your first job is critical in teaching you many things, one of them being how to pay it back to Uncle Sam. Your first j-o-b "gives you a chance to learn about the working world," according to Dan Boone, an IRS [...]

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‘Estimated Tax’ Snares

If you work as a freelancer, an independent contractor, or if you own a business, then chances are you are all too familiar with estimated taxes. Business owners pay estimated taxes to avoid not being able to cover anticipated taxes on income through wage withholding at the end of the tax year. Those who pay [...]

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IRS Prohibits American Travel Over Unpaid Taxes

If you are an American who plans to fly internationally, you had better make sure you do not owe any money to Uncle Sam. The bill, "Moving Ahead For Progress In The 21st Century Act" or "The Highway Bill" has not been well-received by the media. This new bill would require people to fasten black boxes [...]

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Unpaid Taxes Could Be Transferred to Debt Collection Agencies

If you think paying tax debts to Uncle Sam is bad enough, then you won't like to hear what steps the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may be required to take next. According to a recent report by The Washington Post, "The Internal Revenue Service would be required to turn over millions of unpaid tax bills to [...]

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Fort Hood Widow Won’t Lose Her Home After All

After receiving a bill for $6,000 in back taxes, the widow of a soldier killed in the Fort Hood shooting did not know what to do and feared she may lose her home. Though Fort Hood has not been deemed an act of terrorism, Oklahoma legislators are attempting to grant the families of the Fort [...]

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New York Team May Owe $3 Million in Back Taxes

According to a recent New Jersey court ruling, a Major League Soccer franchise is legally responsible for $3 million in property taxes. The New York Red Bulls are indebted to the New Jersey town of Harrison. According to court records, the Red Bulls played at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison throughout the past four [...]

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