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Tax Inversion for Multinationals Incentivized by Flaws in US Tax Code

According to recent news, there may be fundamental flaws in the U.S. tax code that extend beyond the Obama administration and the competency of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials. In a recent editorial report by the L.A. Times tax inversion is practiced by multinationals because these companies are incentivized by errors in the U.S. tax code. "When [...]

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Sales Tax Savings Guide for the United States

As we roll into August, many parents are starting to think about back to school shopping. If you are looking to save money on back-to-school clothes or classroom supplies, you don't have to look for special sales or coupons this year. Many states are planning participate in sales tax holidays during this year's back-to-school shopping weeks, in [...]

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Tax Evader and Friend of Former Mayor Has 100 Years to Pay Back Tax Debts

A long term friend or ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, has been given 100 years to pay thousands of dollars in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The longtime crony, Derrick Miler, has been ordered by Judge Nancy Edmunds, to pay back his tax debts in monthly installments of $200, until is $240,000 debt [...]

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Well Known Acrobatic Show Owes $270k, Says IRS

The producer of a long-lasting Missouri acrobatics show had accumulated more than $270,000 in Internal Revenue Service (IRS) debts, according to a Missouri Department of Revenue tax lien filed recently filed with Taney County Circuit Court. "According to the lien, Ying Xu, of the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai Show at the New Shanghai Theatre, owes [...]

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When It Comes to Taxes ‘Willful’ May Equal Jail Time

When it comes to taxes, do not make any assumptions. Just because you are ill informed, do not understand tax complexities, or you make an honest mistake, you are not off the hook with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Actually, it is quite the opposite. In a recent Forbes article, contributor Robert Wood discusses difference [...]

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Significant Change to IRS Tax-Exempt Status Process May Benefit Organizations

Many organizations with a non-profit status face huge roadblocks on the path to tax-exempt status. Some organizations complain that during the exemption process, their applications seem to get lost in Internal Revenue Service (IRS) purgatory. This may not have to be the norm any longer. The IRS has attempted to simplify the process with a [...]

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Six Overlooked Tax Mistakes Made By Sole Proprietors

Many entrepreneurs find that filing business taxes is not only time consuming but also difficult, especially if you are doing it for the very first time - often you do not have the right forms, and you are rushing around at the last minute trying to find the right receipts. If you are a sole [...]

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American Pilots Living Abroad May Have the Worst Tax Returns

If you think filing your tax return is a headache, you have nothing on American pilots living abroad, according to a recent CNN Money article. "As they crisscross the globe, IRS rules require expat American pilots to record exactly how long they're flying over the U.S., foreign countries and international waters. Once they land, the pilots [...]

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Beware of Scammers Posing as IRS Agents

What makes someone fall for a scam? Typically, it is persistence and planning on the part of con artists that make us believe their web of lies. Since early 2014, scammers have been posing as IRS (Internal Revenue Service) agents or someone from the U.S. Treasury Department. They call and tell you that there are [...]

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When and How to File FBAR or First Time FinCEN 114 Forms

Many of us have forgotten a deadline or two throughout our lifetime, but the dates we absolutely do not want to miss are the filing deadlines for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Mainly because the Financial Crimes unit of the Treasury Department and the Justice Department are on the hunt for people who have neglected [...]

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