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Tax Lien Tips

Tax lien is often placed on taxpayer's property for the amount of debt as a security when the tax payer ignores the notice of payment due and doesn't make payments on back taxes. Tax lien can be placed on debtor's house, cars, and accounts receivable. Tax lien becomes a public document that may affect the [...]

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What is a Federal Tax Levy?

Most Tax Payers wait to receive a threat of Federal Tax Levy, before consulting Tax Professionals. Federal Tax Levies are often utilized by the IRS to collect back taxes that are owed or believed to be owed by the taxpayers. The two most common forms of tax levy are IRS Bank Levy and IRS Wage [...]

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What is an Offer in Compromise?

Individuals who owe back taxes to the IRS and do not have the money to pay the total amount due may qualify for an Offer in Compromise. An Offer in Compromise is an agreement between the IRS and a taxpayer to settle back taxes for less than the full amount that is owed. An offer [...]

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Why and When to Use a Tax Professional

Most people do not require assistance from a tax professional, but those that owe back taxes should not procrastinate. It is important to choose the right professional – an attorney, CPA or Enrolled Agent - for the problem at hand. If it is important to keep information confidential, it is best to consult a tax [...]

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Who to Ask for Help when Dealing with Tax Problems

Today, in a tough economy many Americans are facing problems with back taxes and other tax issues. Facing the IRS (or state tax agencies) alone can be a long and frustrating process. Laws are constantly changing, there are mountains of endless paperwork, and taxpayers often find themselves running in circles. Having a tax professional by [...]

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Don’t Face the IRS All Alone

IRS rules are complex and dealing with the IRS is frustrating and can leave you exhausted with no resolution to your tax problems. If you have had a tax audit or a tax case with an outcome that you feel is unfair or too harsh, you need some Tax Relief in Chicago. Our professionals at [...]

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Are you in trouble with the IRS?

Facing the IRS alone is scary, frustrating and confusing. There are so many complicated rules and so much bureaucracy that you can easily spend all of your time just trying to deal with the red tape without resolving your problems. You need professionals who understand the rules and know how to deal with the IRS. [...]

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When do you need a tax lawyer?

There is a certain point when you are dealing with the IRS, when you need to have a tax lawyer. A tax lawyer in Dallas can make all the difference in the outcome of your tax dispute. When you have not filed a past due tax return, it can be viewed by the IRS as [...]

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There are tax problems that could land you in prison.

It is one thing to owe the IRS money and a far different thing to have your unresolved tax problem cause you to lose your freedom. There are several situations where a Tax Attorney in Dallas is good idea. Any tax problem should be taken very seriously; however, there are a few that can have [...]

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Are you being threatened with an IRS tax lien?

I.R.S. tax liens are very serious. The I.R.S. puts a lien on your property so that you cannot sell your property and you cannot borrow against your property. An I.R.S. tax lien is also filed with the county clerk where the property is located so that it becomes public record. This means that the I.R.S. [...]

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