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IRS Announces New “Fresh Start” Initiative

The IRS has recently adjusted its "Fresh Start" program after realizing that distressed taxpayers were still struggling to pay their taxes. Specifically, the IRS has taken steps to provide new penalty relief to the unemployed, a more relaxed installment agreement policy and much more flexibility with the financial guidelines used in determining approval for an [...]

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How to Avoid IRS Problems

The IRS may not immediately detect taxpayers who are facing IRS problems, but eventually they do catch up. There are steps, that when followed, should keep taxpayers out of trouble. The first step in avoiding IRS tax problems is to file a tax return that is completely and accurately filled out. It is always advisable [...]

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Job Hunting Tax relief

Trying to find a job can take a really long time, especially in this economy. Unemployment can really only help so much, but you must realize that the job hunt itself can be a useful source of tax relief. Many creative professionals are forming businesses instead of simply claiming miscellaneous expenses. They can start a [...]

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Significance of a Tax Attorney

A tax attorney possesses the knowledge of tax regulations and can represent their client in court. A Tax attorney can advise you on the best solution for the problems concerning tax guidelines and on methods of minimizing tax liabilities.Individuals that face questions or problems regarding tax planning should speak with tax attorney or tax legal [...]

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Tax Help for the Taxpayers as the IRS Increases the Amount of Tax Liens

As the economy keeps getting worse and individuals, businesses and governments are struggling to make revenue and pay their bills, the IRS is also getting stricter and less lenient. Linked Press has recently reported that the IRS has filed over one million liens this fiscal year. This is a drastic 14 percent increase of liens [...]

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Selecting the Best Tax Lawyer for Tax Debt

Freedom from the IRS is not a simple thing. Unresolved tax debt can be a huge burden and create major stress in your life. The best plan of action is to hire a tax lawyer. Making sure that the tax lawyer has the experience in dealing with different tax problems is very important. The IRS [...]

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New Businesses and Licensed Tax Professionals

Many new businesses don't hire the services of a licensed tax professional and instead choose to handle the matter on their own without knowing that business tax and personal tax are different. An entrepreneur puts themself at risk of being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. They can end up owing massive penalties for the [...]

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IRS Penalties

If you did not follow the tax law, you might be a subject to a tax penalty. These penalties can vary but if ignored they will add up to create more IRS problems. If you do not file tax returns on time, you will face a five percent IRS penalty. This penalty will add up [...]

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It is a privilege to have an IRS tax attorney

If one wants to handle their own taxes, it is very important that they to be familiar with tax law. Seeking the assistance of a tax attorney to help file tax returns is a smart way to avoid getting into trouble with the IRS. Tax law is highly complex and a specialized tax attorney is [...]

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Find Tax Relief and Negotiate with the IRS

If you're wondering about what kind of tax relief is available to help you with your current tax debt, you are on the right track. Many tax debt relief programs have been created by the federal government to help people during the recession, however not everyone is aware of them.   If you are struggling [...]

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