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Tax Preparation Company Owner Faces Prison for Filing False Tax Returns

Alicia Barnes, a New Jersey corrections officer and the sole owner and operator of Just Taxes Unlimited LLC, a tax preparation company, has pled guilty to filing false tax returns. Between 2006 and 2008, Barnes filed 42 false tax returns on behalf of clients at her tax preparation business. Not only did she create deductions [...]

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The IRS to Tax Olympians’ Winnings?

Who knew winning an Olympic medal could be so bittersweet. Americans who are victorious in the Games can return home from London and expect paparazzi, celebrations and... taxes. On both medals and prize money won during the Olympics. CNN suggests that a gold medal is worth $650, which means that athletes who won a gold [...]

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Former IRS Worker Found Guilty of Hiding Records

Richard Anderson, a former IRS investigator in Vermont, pleaded guilty on Monday, July 30, to hiding records for a private business he owned. The 46-year-old failed to turn over time cards and other records from his Sears Hometown Store in St. Albans. Last year, the State Department of Labor became suspicious and started looking into [...]

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Settle Foreign Account Issues without Additional Penalties

The IRS has recently re-launched its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program which was designed to entice tax evaders with offshore bank accounts to come clean and pay back taxes without having to worry about additional penalties or potential jail time. Since the program's emergence in 2009, the IRS has been able to collect over $5 billion [...]

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Chaffetz Wants Federal Employees with Back Taxes Fired

Jason Chaffetz, a GOP Representative, is looking to fire federal employees who owe back taxes. He has proposed a bill that will not only terminate federal employees for being tax evaders, but will also keep "tax scofflaws" from being hired by the federal government in the first place. Chaffetz emphasizes that the Federal citizen employees [...]

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Yahoo News: “US Tax Shield Makes Tax Relief Affordable for All”

While US Tax Shield offers uncompromising, expert tax relief help, we realize that there is the independent, DIY type who may want to learn about tax resolution on their own. And "The Complete Tax Relief Guide", written by the tax professionals at US Tax Shield, does just that by providing expert and actionable steps on [...]

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New Program Gives Overseas Taxpayers a Second Chance

Oftentimes taxpayers fail to report foreign accounts on their U.S. tax returns, especially when they aren't living in the U.S. Whether this is done intentionally or not, these taxpayers are at risk of facing felony prosecution. Luckily, the IRS is now offering guidance on its Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program, or OVDP, and a new voluntary [...]

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Report Foreign Accounts and File Your FBAR to Avoid the Consequences

Bryan J. Williams might have won the battle, but the IRS won the war. In United States vs. Williams, the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed the district court's holding and ruled that Williams did, in fact, act willfully when he failed to file FBARs. Williams himself admitted he was a tax cheat and pleaded [...]

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IRS Announces More Flexible Offer-In-Compromise Terms

In addition to providing new penalty relief to the unemployed and offering a more relaxed installment agreement policy, the IRS has expanded the terms in its Offer-In-Compromise program – making it even easier for taxpayers to settle back taxes. These new rules, which focus on altering the financial analysis used in determining which taxpayers qualify [...]

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Kansas Farmer Faces Conviction after Filing False Tax Returns

A Kansas farmer has been accused of receiving $3.8 million in tax refunds through the submission of false income tax returns. The registered agent of Fisher Alfalfa Farms, Jerold D. Fisher, 47, is charged with one count of filing false claims for both himself and his mother. According to the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations [...]

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