None of us plan to need a tax lawyer so when you need a good one, where do you find a Tax Lawyer in Atlanta?


Life often delivers surprises. No one plans to need a tax lawyer in Atlanta. If you think you need a tax attorney, you need to find someone well trained in tax law who has a record of successes. You can’t call just any attorney to handle tax cases. Most attorneys will be diligent and make sure you find someone who specializes in handling tax problems.


There are tax situations where you would be wise to immediately find a tax lawyer in Atlanta. This includes things like criminal charges, filing a lawsuit, having a great deal of money at risk, possible bankruptcy, or a case that will need to go to the tax courts. In each of these situations you will need to get a tax lawyer in Atlanta.


If your tax problems are not going to be resolved in court you may need a Tax Lawyer in Atlanta but not necessarily. Serious tax problems certainly need competent help with the experience and knowledge you need to solve your tax problems. US Tax Shield has CPAs, Enrolled Agents, Tax Advisors and Paralegals with the knowledge and expertise to help you solve your tax issues. After we evaluate your situation and if we believe you would be better served by finding a tax lawyer in Atlanta we can refer you to a reliable source.


If you are facing tax liens, levies, garnishments or penalties and interest on delinquent taxes, it doesn’t mean that you need a Tax Lawyer in Atlanta. We have well trained competent team members who are qualified to work successfully with the I.R.S. We can file appeals and know what is available to resolve your tax issues successfully.


Contact us for a risk free evaluation. If you need to find a Tax Lawyer in Atlanta, we can refer you to someone who can help you.


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