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At US Tax Shield, we love client feedback, as it allows us to measure our success and improve upon the great foundation we have built. There is no greater compliment than a client publicly proclaiming how great US Tax Shield has been to work with, how impeccable our services have been, and how they will refer us to friends.

Studies show that people have a higher propensity to publicly complain when unhappy than to publicly compliment when happy. It is human nature. Client feedback – positive or negative – serves a greater role to US Tax Shield than most people will ever understand. The true measure of a company’s commitment to clients is not how well it performs under normal operation, but how well it responds when faced with adversity.

US Tax Shield is built on quality, trust and respect. Our employees are committed to earning your trust by performing the highest quality work in the industry. This philosophy has earned US Tax Shield the respect of our clients, the IRS and State tax agencies.

Below are a few success stories, including real-time posts from independent websites that allow clients to objectively review their experience with US Tax Shield:

“My name is Shari Smith and I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the very effective services that your company gave to me during a difficult time.

As Soon as I received a notice from the IRS stating that there were taxes owed from 2009 I became very nervous. US Tax Shield was referred to me by my sister and as soon as I called they were very thorough with my case. Everything they told me to do I did!! They communicated bi weekly with me, and it only took 4 months to resolve my case. I would recommend US Tax Shield to any friend or family member if they ever needed IRS debt help.

Special thanks to Omar and Jonathan:

-Sincerely, Shari Smith

“My name is Rabbi Martin J. Applebaum and I am a client of yours. I just want to express my utmost appreciation and gratitude to your firm and specifically Mr. Jonathan Ma and his associates. For years people have been trying to settle my liability and at no success. I took a chance with your firm and obviously it was the best decision I made. If you ever need any references or spokesperson on your behalf please do not hesitate to contact me. Again G-D bless all of you and may G-D give you the wisdom and strength to continue your great work for people.”

—Rabbi Martin J. Applebaum

trustlink5stars US Tax Shield Reviews

“I have been very pleased with my experience with this company. They got me through a pretty tough time with my business. Business has been slow for the past couple of years and unfortunately I just couldn’t cover the payroll taxes. When I contacted them I was scheduled to have a meeting with an IRS officer. They were able to handle the meeting for me and I didn’t have to appear. Ultimately, my attorney was able to get my situation resolved and Im happy to say that my business has picked up a bit. I can tell you that I sleep better at night now.” Read more

— Bryan S.

trustlink5stars US Tax Shield Reviews

“James Rome and my attorney Jonathan Ma were excellent to deal with at US Tax Shield. I received a call from them every week or so throughout my case letting me know the status of my IRS case. In the end I saved a bit of money on what I owed and I am now compliant with the IRS. This is a superb company to deal with and I recommend them for anyone who has gotten behind on their taxes like I did.” Read more

— Julie S.

trustlink5stars US Tax Shield Reviews

“These guys were able to prevent a wage garnishment that was about to be placed on my husband’s salary. We were able to work out an agreement with the IRS which saved us a bunch of money. Ive referred a relative and a close friend to US Tax Shield. They are still in the process with them and I hope they have the same kind of experience that I had.” Read more

— Shauna G.

trustlink5stars US Tax Shield Reviews

“I would like to give a very high recommendation for Jim at US Tax Shield. He gave me quite a bit of information about my tax case and the attorney I worked with helped me out substantially. Im glad to say that my tax problem is now behind me and the team at US tax Shield was instrumental in getting me out of a situation that had developed over 7 years. I appreciate the hard work they did and how they put up with me through some difficult times.” Read more

— Peter A.

trustlink5stars US Tax Shield Reviews

“This group is very professional and fortunately they got job done for me. Having been treated poorly by another company, which I won’t name, these guys were able to take my case, clean it up and get me a great settlement.” Read more

— Jennifer B

trustlink5stars US Tax Shield Reviews

“US Tax Shield was very helpful with our situation – a few unfiled tax returns and a wage garnishment on my wife. After a few weeks the returns were completed and the garnishment lifted. The staff was helpful with our questions and were able to lower our liability. Thanks US Tax Shield.” Read more

— Joe M.

trustlink5stars US Tax Shield Reviews

“I am very pleased with what this company has done for me. I called them to help me with a serious problem that I have had building with the IRS and spoke with John. After I signed up the attorney immediately got to work on my case and stopped what had been about a year of headaches I have had trying to deal with the government myself. It’s been about 6 months and I am finally over the hard part and in a program that I can afford. My debt was lowered by about 60% and I’m making payments on the rest. Looking back I’m very glad I contacted John at US Tax Shield and am impressed with that company.” Read more

— William A.


Excellent service

When I first called US Tax Shield my checks were on the verge of garnishment, and that action was halted because of the service of this company. Teri Turner literary gave me my life back. I had owed over 50,000,00 literally and she was able to settle on my behalf for both the state and the IRS. Teri Turner is a true professional and definitely knows her stuff . I would definitely recommend US Tax Shield and Teri Turner.

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Sandra Wright


All of my representatives were awesome!...

The process for my case was a 10 from beginning to end a 10...

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Lysa Barbour


We are very satisfied customers!...

We were very pleased with US Tax Shield and the professional way they handled our case. Each individual was professional and very helpful, and communicated very well and in a timely fashion. I appreciated how each person we dealt with took our situation very seriously, and treated us as a valued client. Alex Daniels, Jennifer Castillo, MJ Mokhtari, Jorge Ramos, Amy Nowak, Tanisha Gonzalez, Sandy Cervantes, Masood Yousufzai, and Gloria Chon went above and beyond to help us, and our case was settled in a timely and acceptable manner. We have recommended US Tax Shield to other individuals based upon our good experience.

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In desperate times, Tax Shield proves to be at the...

Tax shield has been an out standing, helpful company to my wife and I for many years, They were able to help us through many hardships in the past , through tough economic times but had neber come up bigger that our most recent dilemma. My wife is currently ill with ovarian cancer and is hospitalized and I have now been diagnosed with emphysema and right side heart failure which has forced me to go out on short term disability. The IRS put a levy on my wages at this same time and would have left me with no money for perscriptions, food, or bills. Since Tax Shield was my savior in the past, I called and asked for help. I spoke with Masood Yousufzai who whet the extra ten yards to assist me and also keep me calm with his soothing demeanor. I also spoke with Paul Sibley who was very patient and helpful. These two gentlemen are a definition of professionalism who showed so much concern for my wife, myself, and our situation, In the past we had unbelievable help from Tax Shield representative such as Lou Lopez and Susan DeMartinis. These people. as well as this company are true angels in a world where some don't care whether you can survive or not. I can't say enough about the help and comfort both Massod and Paul gave myself in a very desperate time. Tax Shield should be very proud to have such wonderful people working for them.

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Tracy Dean


IRS Back Taxes Problems...

Boy, was I in trouble with the IRS. My business owed over $500,000...and I personally owed the IRS over $30,000. I was doing everything I could to keep my biz afloat but I was doing it by creating other problems. I googled some tax info during another sleepless night and found US Tax Shield. I called at 3am but got their answering service. I didn't leave any message but called again in the morning and spoke to them. They calmed me down and understood that good people can get themselves into a sticky situation. It was a no pressure call which I appreciated. I felt like I was talking to the James Bond of tax help because they were cool and calm. And like 007, they knew exactly what my problems were and how to fix them. It was obviously not their first time, nor were they trying to use scare tactics. Well, long story short, they helped me and all is now good and my business was saved. Plus my personal tax debt is all taken care of. Highly recommend that you call them if you have tax probs. -Phil

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Phillip Shulski


Saved me a ton...

I called US Tax Shield because the IRS was taking money out of my checking account. Every time I put in money it was gone. So I opened another account with another bank but evetentually they found it and again my money was taken. I want to pay my tax bill but I just couldn't. I was a mortgage broker when times were good but the market turned and I didn't handle it properly. I ended up owing about $72K. That's a lot of money and there was no way I was able to pay it all at once and the IRS wanted monthly payments that were astronomical. I saw commercials on TV for tax companies and called a few. Some were not fun to talk to at all, some had no history when checking online and a couple companies seemed like stand up people. I flipped a coin and went with one and it was great until my paycheck started getting garnished. It turns out that company dropped the ball. I'm tempted to write a poor review and reveal who they are here but I won't because they were nice, they just made a big mistake. As a last ditch effort I called the other company that seemed like they knew what they were doing and didn't BS me. This company was US Tax Shield. I should have called them to begin with. They stopped the IRS from taking money from my paycheck and negotiated a great settlement on the taxes I owed. It feels good to have it all behind me. Everyone there was a great help. Thanks guys... But I hope I never need to call you guys again.

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Jeff Goldman

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