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Are you being threatened with a Tax Evasion Penalty by the I.R.S.?

Tax evasion penalty is a very serious problem. If you have failed to file tax returns, the I.R.S. can file Substitute for Return (SFR) tax returns; of course what they file will be in favor of the I.R.S. SFRs tax returns will give you only standard deductions and one personal exemption. In addition, failure to [...]

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Are you eligible for an Offer in Compromise to solve your delinquent tax problem?

Most people have never heard of an Offer in Compromise. If you have a tax bill you cannot pay and the I.R.S. is demanding that you pay that tax bill, you may be eligible to resolve your delinquent tax problem for far less than you actually owe. It depends on your situation, but it may [...]

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What should you do when you are being faced with a Federal Tax Lien

A Federal Tax Lien is a very serious problem. When you have not been able to successfully resolve a tax problem with the I.R.S., they can put a lien on your property. A Federal Tax Lien gives the entity holding that tax lien a legal right to your property. You cannot sell a property with [...]

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